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Niegeloh Niegeloh
Founded by the Niegeloh brothers in 1936 as a scissor company, the German manicure giants have maintained the unparalleled tradition of Solingen, Germany, as the company continues to handcraft exquisite nail cutters, cuticle nippers and nail files. Each piece is meticulously fabricated, sharpened and polished using time-honored techniques developed and perfected in the small German town. Niegeloh is the perfect choice for the sophisticated gentleman wishing the best for his handsome hands and feet.

Niegeloh TopInox® Slanted Tweezers
Niegeloh TopInox® Pointed Tweezers
Niegeloh TopInox® Pointed Tweezers
Niegeloh Havanna L Stainless Steel Manicure Set
Niegeloh TopInox® Straight Tweezers
Niegeloh TopInox® Oblique Tweezers

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