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Laguiole Knives & Corkscrews
For the sophisticated gentleman who eats luxuriously, a tasteful yet decadent knife collection shines like a beacon for your exquisite taste. Once simply a knife for a hunter, the Laguiole name has come to epitomize the perfect food experience. With corkscrews and openers accompanying the already legendary knives, the gourmand is now set to serve wine with his meat and live life like a Frenchman. Each piece is born in the heart of the world capital for cutlery, Thiers, France and maintains the strict guidelines and traditions of the small town. These are the finest knives in the world, handcrafted from the strongest and best materials available. These are knives with a pedigree, knives with true class.

Laguiole en Aubrac Forged Steel Knife With Ivory Crust Handle
Laguiole en Aubrac "Sommelier Pierre" Turquoise Wine Opener
Laguiole en Aubrac "Sommelier Pointe de Corne" Horn Wine Opener
Laguiole en Aubrac "Sommelier Genévrier" Juniper Corkscrew
$200.00 $190.00

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